Accelerating students in technology careers

What is Tech Saksham

TechSaksham is a program that aims to equip women with technical skills and encourage them towards technology careers.

The program particularly focuses on women because India has one of the youngest workforce in the world but with a large skill-gap with regards to the jobs of the future and an even higher gender disparity when it comes to STEM careers.

Build Skills of the Future

The program will enable development of your technical skills and soft skills. These will help in smoothly transitioning from college to job.

Engage in a cultural relook

Technology related careers witness a disparity in the ratio of men and women working in this industry. Tech Saksham will help in balancing it.

Establish college to industry linkages

College and industry linkages have been found to stimulate student employability through internships, projects and more.

Build capacity of the support system

Through the skills imparted in the program, you will be able to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world.

Build scalable ecosystems for sustenance

Tech Saksham will leverage shared platforms and technologies to give you the best learning materials and guidance.

Project based learning with local context

The projects in the program will help you get hands-on learning by engaging in finding solutions to complex challenges.

Women Students Reached


Community-Based Solutions


Teachers Trained Across Domains


Locations Across the Country

Artificial Intelligence
Vertical 1
Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to AI and it's Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Linux
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Machine Learning Algorithms with Python
  • AI with Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Engagement Activities/Bootcamps
Cloud Computing
Vertical 2
Vertical 1: Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing Concepts: A quick dive
  • Insights into Azure Cloud Environment 
  • Building and Managing Cloud Application with Microsoft Azure 
  • Artificial Intelligence- the Azure Way of doing it
Web Design and Digital Marketing
Vertical 3
Artificial Intelligence
  • Understanding Web Application Architecture
  • Handling the Web Data at Backend
  • Connecting End-to-End
  • Modern Web Development using ReactJS and JQuery
  • AI with Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Getting Started with Digital Marketing and its Applications